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What are we?

Our company started its activity in 1993 and by this period it has consolidated its strong position on the market. We are dealing with production and distribution activities regarding components, assembly of materials, fasteners, and wiring for the electronic, telecommunication, electro-medical, automotive industries, engineering, industrial automation and many others...

More in Company


  • H05V-K/LGY Pro Wires
    We offer one-coloured Pro and two-coloured Eco (base colour with its marker)..

  • TLWY Ribbon Cables
    We offer TLWY ribbon cables , laser jointed, each conductor being at high purity and flexibility...

  • Kynar Wire Wrapping Wires
    We recommend Kynar wire wrapping wires made of oxygen-free silver plated copper, at working temperature range from 65° C till 200° C...

What new ?

Prompt Delivery

  • Prompt delivery of our wires is organized by DPD courier company..

    Delivery Regarding Wholesale Offer
  • We also sell our wires directly from our company site as individual receipt..

    Delivery Regarding Wholesale Offer
  • The wires presented in our offer are available off-hand, after placing an order we organize dispatch of ordered wires..

    Delivery Regarding Wholesale Offer
  • We also realize non-standard orders, trying to comply flexibly to the needs of our customers.

    Delivery Regarding Wholesale Offer

The Features of Our Products:

  • Top Quality
  • Extra Flexibility
  • Accordance with Standards
  • High Working Parameters
  • Some Hundreds Items in Offer
  • Conformability to RAL Colour System
  • Wide Colour Range
  • Laser Jointed TLWY Ribbon Cables
  • Purity free from Impurities
  • Separately Insulated
  • Free from Chemical Compounds
  • Easy Possibility of Separation

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